It’s Springtime 2016 at Piñon Wood Ranch

Springtime brings the baby lambs, and we’ve got 13 lambs on the ground now and probably another two (or even three?) to go. Here’s the lineup so far – 6 (yes, count ’em SIX) sets of twins and 1 singleton:

Liz Claiborne & Betsy Taylor BT Sold
Ewe Lambs Liz Claiborne and Betsy Taylor . Born 3/20/2016 – Sire: Harris, Dam: Lauren. Betsy has been sold.
Olga & Dwight
Ewe Lamb Olga and Ram Lamb Dwight: named for Woody’s parents (Mom prefers to be called Doris but Olga is cuter). Born 3/26/2016 – Sire: Shane, Dam: Miss Kitty
June Bug
Ewe Lamb June Bug: Born 3/30/2016 – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Summer Surprise
Gallegher & Galloway
Ram Lambs Gallegher and Galloway: Born 3/31/2016  – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Paisley
Will Rogers and Roy Rogers
Ram Lambs Will and Roy Rogers (a play on names, there): Born 4/1/2016 – Sire: Shane, Dam: Brenna
Gum Drop & Dove
Ewe Lambs Gumdrop and Dove Bar (as in Chocolate): Born 4/2/2016 – Sire: Garfield, Dam: Almond Joy
Uncle Otis & Aunt Pansy
Ram Lamb Uncle Otis and Ewe Lamb Aunt Pansey named for two of Woody’s paternal relatives (different families): Born 4/5/2016 – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Tulip



Hershey Kiss
Then there will be whoever poor Hershey Kiss will deliver when she decides to part company with them. You can tell she’s really tired of carrying them, can’t you? But I guess they’re just not ready yet.

Nursery Is Getting Crowded

So the nursery at Piñon Wood Ranch is getting crowded, especially as the lambs keep getting bigger and bigger. Fun, fun, fun at the Ranch!

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!