PWR Shetlands do well at Estes Park Wool Market

The first of our Summer shows was in Estes Park, Colorado this past weekend. We brought a total of 14 sheep with us; some to show in the ring, some just to sell, and then there was Ghirardelli who came along to be bottle fed twice a day.

Even though we were competing in the “Classical” Show against Jacobs, cross-breeds, and lots of Shetlands, June Bug was our stand-out star winning 1st Place in her show category of Spring Ewe Lambs.

We ended up selling four sheep – two of them going to Topeka, Kansas.

Of course you can’t go to a show like Estes Park without checking out other animals. Peg looked up our friends, Daybreak Criations, the folks that sold us our first Alpacas. As you might expect, we ended up bringing home three new (less than year-old) Alpacas – Triumph (white), Weston (Black-Bay), and Jurnee (Black). Peg says she needed these colors – hmmm…

They’re adorable, of course.

Triumph Weston Jurnee
Pinon Wood Ranch newest Alpacas, Jurnee, Weston, and Triumph