2017 Spring Lambs

We have four very nice Moorit ram lambs this year: Reeses Pieces, Charles Chews, Craig Ferguson, and Sean Connery. We will only be keeping one of them so if you are in the market for this color in your breeding program all four of these little guys have stellar bloodlines. Their sire, Garfield, was Grand Champion Primitive ram at the Black Sheep Show in Oregon and is a lovely gentle ram with wonderful manners.  Sean Connery and Craig Ferguson’s dam has direct bloodlines from the AI breeding we imported from Scotland. All four of these ram lambs have been played with and cuddled since birth and are very affectionate and people friendly. I’m offering any of these rams at a discounted price of $200.00 each to find them good homes where their wonderful traits will be passed on. Unfortunately, we will not have these rams at the Estes Park Wool Market as they will not be weaned in time to travel.

Violet and Jonquil will also be staying home because of their age. All the other lambs pictured will be at Estes Park with us and are available for sale.

If you are interested in any of the lambs pictured we are pleased to hold them for you with a 50% deposit until Estes Park or we make other arrangements for you to get them. Pricing is $350 for Ewes and $275 for Rams.

Please pardon any confusion that may have occurred recently with the picture of Mary Margaret. Due to some mix-up in her identification with another lamb, we “corrected” the pictures and captions below. But it turned out that our mistake was in error so things have been returned to their original, correct form. “Sorry ’bout that, Chief!”

Watch this space for the schedule of this summer’s juried art shows we will be attending with our hand-spun, hand-knit or hand-woven products. We hope to have the entire schedule settled by the end of May.