Animals for Sale

Piñon Wood Ranch offers registered Shetland lambs for sale every Spring.  We breed for March lambs that are weaned by mid June and ready for new homes.  Shetlands often have twins, and sometimes even triplets, so we expect a bumper crop each year.  Copies of the sire and dam’s papers are available upon request.  We require a 50% deposit to reserve lambs until they are weaned.

As soon as Shetland lambs arrive at Piñon Wood Ranch they are monitored to make sure they are healthy, nursing and bonding with Mom.  Shetland lambs are usually standing within 10 minutes of being born and nursing within the first hour.  Once we are sure ewe and lamb have bonded they are put in a communal nursery where they learn to socialize and play with the other lambs.  We take over as “nanny” twice a day, while the ewes are being fed, playing with, cuddling and kissing the lambs which starts and instills their socialization with humans.  They love to pile into your lap like puppies, chew on your hair, buttons, and zipper pulls, and untie your shoe laces.  Like all babies, everything goes in their mouth.  Because of the time we spend with our lambs, even our adult animals seek out human contact and come for petting and scratching when people enter their pens.  They are also easily halter trained.  Many of our lambs have been in the show ring by the time they are 3 months old.

Please contact us for more information about animals for sale.