2017 Spring Lambs

We have four very nice Moorit ram lambs this year: Reeses Pieces, Charles Chews, Craig Ferguson, and Sean Connery. We will only be keeping one of them so if you are in the market for this color in your breeding program all four of these little guys have stellar bloodlines. Their sire, Garfield, was Grand Champion Primitive ram at the Black Sheep Show in Oregon and is a lovely gentle ram with wonderful manners.  Sean Connery and Craig Ferguson’s dam has direct bloodlines from the AI breeding we imported from Scotland. All four of these ram lambs have been played with and cuddled since birth and are very affectionate and people friendly. I’m offering any of these rams at a discounted price of $200.00 each to find them good homes where their wonderful traits will be passed on. Unfortunately, we will not have these rams at the Estes Park Wool Market as they will not be weaned in time to travel.

Violet and Jonquil will also be staying home because of their age. All the other lambs pictured will be at Estes Park with us and are available for sale.

If you are interested in any of the lambs pictured we are pleased to hold them for you with a 50% deposit until Estes Park or we make other arrangements for you to get them. Pricing is $350 for Ewes and $275 for Rams.

Please pardon any confusion that may have occurred recently with the picture of Mary Margaret. Due to some mix-up in her identification with another lamb, we “corrected” the pictures and captions below. But it turned out that our mistake was in error so things have been returned to their original, correct form. “Sorry ’bout that, Chief!”

Watch this space for the schedule of this summer’s juried art shows we will be attending with our hand-spun, hand-knit or hand-woven products. We hope to have the entire schedule settled by the end of May.


PWR Shetlands do well at Estes Park Wool Market

The first of our Summer shows was in Estes Park, Colorado this past weekend. We brought a total of 14 sheep with us; some to show in the ring, some just to sell, and then there was Ghirardelli who came along to be bottle fed twice a day.

Even though we were competing in the “Classical” Show against Jacobs, cross-breeds, and lots of Shetlands, June Bug was our stand-out star winning 1st Place in her show category of Spring Ewe Lambs.

We ended up selling four sheep – two of them going to Topeka, Kansas.

Of course you can’t go to a show like Estes Park without checking out other animals. Peg looked up our friends, Daybreak Criations, the folks that sold us our first Alpacas. As you might expect, we ended up bringing home three new (less than year-old) Alpacas – Triumph (white), Weston (Black-Bay), and Jurnee (Black). Peg says she needed these colors – hmmm…

They’re adorable, of course.

Triumph Weston Jurnee
Pinon Wood Ranch newest Alpacas, Jurnee, Weston, and Triumph

Piñon Wood Ranch Fibers now selling Shetland Wool Roving On-Line

In  conjunction with the Article in the Spring issue of Spin•Off Magazine (see Peg’s hand spun yarn in national magazine)  we are now offering our Shetland Roving for sale on-line.
We are proud of our roving and the assortment of colors we offer. This was confirmed when Scottish knitting book author, Ysolda Teague, visited the ranch while on a trip to the United States and purchased some of our Shetland roving to take back to Scotland!  We felt very honored that our Shetland roving was being taken back to the homeland of our sheep.
To order Piñon Wood Ranch Shetland Roving click here.

Peg’s hand spun yarn featured in a national magazine

Spin-Off Mag 2016 Spring Cover MedWe were pleased to learn that two of Peg’s hand-spun yarns were featured in an article in the Spring 2016 issue of Spin·off magazine. The article begins with a picture of the finished cowl on page 84.

Many thanks to La Bourgeois for choosing Piñon Wood Ranch Fibers yarn in her beautiful cowl.

Obviously there’s not enough chaos at PWR

We told you about the surprise puppy living in the house. Well, as if that wasn’t enough we ended up with an orphaned lamb that needed a warm place to live, and our attention for a few weeks as well. Here’s Ghirardelli (Ghirry [geary] for short):

Peg & Ghirry 2
Peg with Ghirry after his bottle



Ghirry and Peg tête-à-tête
Ghirry and Peg in a tête-à-tête










The babies have met and played together

Ghirry checking out SpringGhirry checking out Spring

Spring Ghirry & Peg
Spring Ghirry & Peg








Yes, I know – “What a Zoo!”

Pinon Wood Fibers Summer Show Schedule

We’ve finally gotten the summer, 2016 show schedule pretty well settled. Please come see us in our booth at any of these events!

Estes Park Wool Market, Estes Park, Colorado
Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12

This is our one “Animal” show of the year. We’ll be bringing several of our Shetland sheep to show and to sell at the Events Center in beautiful Estes Park. We’ll be on hand to show you the sheep and to answer questions both days. We’ll also have a selection of hand spun yarns and hand made apparel.

For more information click Estes Park Wool Market 2016

42nd Annual Art In The Park, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Saturday & Sunday, July 9 & 10 – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
West Lincoln Park

This is a great show featuring lots and lots of artists with the Yampa river as a backdrop and occasional wisps of hot springs sulphur in the air.

Visit our booth where we will be selling our hand spun designer yarns made from wool and Alpaca fiber we raise on the ranch.  We will also have finished apparel that is hand knit and hand woven using our yarns.  Hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, socks, baby items and shawls will be available.

Art In The Park is held every year in conjunction with the Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. There’s always plenty to see and do!

For more information click Art In The Park 2016

Copper Country Arts Festival 2016, Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Colorado
Saturday & Sunday, September 3 & 4 (Labor Day Weekend)
10:oo AM to 6:00 PM

The Copper Country Arts Festival is a new show for us. Visit our booth where we will be selling our hand spun designer yarns made from wool and Alpaca fiber we raise on the ranch.  We will also have finished apparel that is hand knit and hand woven using our yarns.  These articles include hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, socks, baby items and shawls.

This Arts Festival not only has many artists, but brings in big name musicians to entertain while you visit the booths and the other entertainment in this beautiful ski resort. This year’s acts haven’t been scheduled yet, but some past musical acts have been Lyle Lovett, The Doobie Brothers, Vince Gill, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

At the Copper Mountain Resort – off Interstate 70 at exit 195

For more information click Copper Country Arts Festival

Lake City Uncorked 2016 – Wine and Music Festival, Lake City, Colorado
Saturday, Sepember 17

Lake City Uncorked has been our Show Season Finalé for 5 years and we just love it. Come visit our booth where we will be selling our hand spun designer yarns made from wool and Alpaca fiber we raise on the ranch.  We’ll also have finished apparel – hand knit and hand woven using our yarns – including hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, socks, baby items and shawls.

Wine tasting starts at noon-sharp, and the music plays all day and into the night. Come listen to a wide-ranging, ecclectic mix of country, folk, jazz, and other musical genres while sipping generous samples from a huge variety of wines. Beer is also available for the oenophobe. Better get a motel reservation or a designated driver!

For more information click Lake City Uncorked

Its looking to be another great, fun summer!

Surprise! Samantha has a puppy!

Its ten minutes to midnight on a Sunday night. Samantha’s been whining because she hurt herself jumping over a fence this evening (we thought). Peg wakes up and says, “Do you hear those coyotes? It sounds like they’re right outside our window!” I listen but I hear the sound as much, MUCH closer. Turning on the light I see next to the bed, not a coyote, but Samantha with a brand new baby puppy! We didn’t know she was pregnant! We waited up with them for a couple of hours, but she only had the one little girl.

Half-day old puppy with Mom Samantha
Half-day old puppy with Mom Samantha

We’ve tentatively named her “Spring”, as in a Spring Surprise. She’s growing fast, adding on 5-1/2 ounces every day for almost three weeks now. Its amazing how much she can grow when there’s no competition for mom’s milk and attention.

Her eyes are open and she’s walking (well, waddling) short distances. She’s also becoming more aware of her surroundings and will “pounce” on Peg’s hand when she plays.

Dad is Sherman, the Anatolian Livestock Guard Dog that holds down the fort in the Alpaca barn. He obviously provided Spring’s coloration.

Spring at 15 days old
Spring at 15 days old
Spring at 18 days old and 7-1/2 pounds
Spring at 18 days old and 7-1/2 pounds already!

Yes, she’s just adorable.

We’ll keep you posted as she grows up to be the next generation of Livestock Guard Dogs at Piñon Wood Ranch.




It’s Springtime 2016 at Piñon Wood Ranch

Springtime brings the baby lambs, and we’ve got 13 lambs on the ground now and probably another two (or even three?) to go. Here’s the lineup so far – 6 (yes, count ’em SIX) sets of twins and 1 singleton:

Liz Claiborne & Betsy Taylor BT Sold
Ewe Lambs Liz Claiborne and Betsy Taylor . Born 3/20/2016 – Sire: Harris, Dam: Lauren. Betsy has been sold.
Olga & Dwight
Ewe Lamb Olga and Ram Lamb Dwight: named for Woody’s parents (Mom prefers to be called Doris but Olga is cuter). Born 3/26/2016 – Sire: Shane, Dam: Miss Kitty
June Bug
Ewe Lamb June Bug: Born 3/30/2016 – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Summer Surprise
Gallegher & Galloway
Ram Lambs Gallegher and Galloway: Born 3/31/2016  – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Paisley
Will Rogers and Roy Rogers
Ram Lambs Will and Roy Rogers (a play on names, there): Born 4/1/2016 – Sire: Shane, Dam: Brenna
Gum Drop & Dove
Ewe Lambs Gumdrop and Dove Bar (as in Chocolate): Born 4/2/2016 – Sire: Garfield, Dam: Almond Joy
Uncle Otis & Aunt Pansy
Ram Lamb Uncle Otis and Ewe Lamb Aunt Pansey named for two of Woody’s paternal relatives (different families): Born 4/5/2016 – Sire: O’Doole, Dam: Tulip



Hershey Kiss
Then there will be whoever poor Hershey Kiss will deliver when she decides to part company with them. You can tell she’s really tired of carrying them, can’t you? But I guess they’re just not ready yet.

Nursery Is Getting Crowded

So the nursery at Piñon Wood Ranch is getting crowded, especially as the lambs keep getting bigger and bigger. Fun, fun, fun at the Ranch!

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

Piñon Wood Ranch has a new Guard Dog (er, Puppy)

We can’t have our animals without some protection, or at least some predator deterrent. Sherman is our new Anatolian Livestock Guard Dog.

Sherman at 8 weeks old
Sherman the Anatolian Livestock Guard Dog at 8 Weeks Old

He’s got some growing to do and he’s doing it fast. When we got him he was just 8 weeks old and weighed about 20 pounds, but just 3 weeks later he was already at 29 pounds. He’ll be as big as Shane was soon.

He’s already got the deterrent barking thing figured out!

2015 Lambs have arrived

Lambing season has officially closed at Piñon Wood Ranch for 2015. We had 8 Rams and 5 Ewes when all was said and done.

Look out! Snickers, Elgin and Dundee are headin' your way!
Look out! Snickers, Elgin and Dundee are headin’ your way!
Snickers #125, Born 3/26/15, Sire:Campbell, Dam:Hershey Kiss
Snickers #125, Born 3/26/15
Sire:Campbell, Dam:Hershey Kiss
Dundee #121, Ram Born 3/24/15, Sire:Campbell, Dam:Belle Star
Dundee #121, Ram Born 3/24/15
Sire:Campbell, Dam:Belle Star
Duke #118 and Dutchess #119, Ram & Ewe Born 3/10/15, Sire:Campbell, Dam:Flower
Duke #118 and Dutchess #119, Ram & Ewe Born 3/10/15
Sire:Campbell, Dam:Flower
Elgin #120, Born 3/24/15, Sire:Campbell, Dam:Belle Star
Elgin #120, Ram Born 3/24/15
Sire:Campbell, Dam:Belle Star
Aberdeen #126, Ewe Born 3/27/15, Sire:O'Doule, Dam:Paisley
Aberdeen #126, Ewe Born 3/27/15
Sire:O’Doule, Dam:Paisley
Chaps #123, Ram Born 3/27/15, Sire:Banff, Dam:Lauren
Chaps #123, Ram Born 3/27/15
Sire:Banff, Dam:Lauren
Sir Tupper #124, Ram Born 3/27/15, Sire:O'Doule, Dam:Miss Kitty
Sir Tupper #124, Ram Born 3/27/15
Sire:O’Doule, Dam:Miss Kitty
Claire #122, Ram Born 3/31/15, Sire:O'Doule, Dam:Brenna
Claire #122, Ram Born 3/31/15
Sire:O’Doule, Dam:Brenna
E. Lily #127, Ewe Born 4/05/15, Sire:O'Doule, Dam:Tulip
E. Lily #127, Ewe Born 4/05/15
Sire:O’Doule, Dam:Tulip
Peter #128, Ram Born 4/05/15, Sire:O'Doule, Dam:Tulip
Peter #128, Ram Born 4/05/15
Sire:O’Doule, Dam:Tulip
Becky #130, Ewe Born 4/11/15, Sire:Banff, Dam:Mitzi
Becky #130, Ewe Born 4/11/15
Sire:Banff, Dam:Mitzi
T. Sawyer #129, Ram Born 4/11/15, Sire:Banff, Dam:Mitzi
T. Sawyer #129, Ram Born 4/11/15
Sire:Banff, Dam:Mitzi